Dec 1, 2007

Illegal Immigration

Illegal Immigration

The problem of illegal immigration is one of major proportions for Texas because of the size of our state and the size of the border. We have both state and national border patrols. When the officers do their job and arrest people illegally crossing the border federal prosecutors have them arrested and put in federal prison. The charges are that the agents violated the civil rights of the illegal immigrant. First of all they are illegal immigrants they have no rights in the United States of America. They are not citizens of the United States and therefore they are not afforded the rights guarantied to the citizens of the United States of America. This is all just the legal side of the issue and also it is not a national issue because the first line of defense against the tidal wave of people who do not care for the laws of our country is the state on the border. In Texas we are building a wall on the border so that we have less area to patrol. The opponents of the wall argue that building a wall will destroy the environment. Those people are what I like to call, “tree hugging left wing environmentalist whackos,” they only care about what we are doing to the environment. We should be careful and take into account what the wall will do to the environment. If the current plan would cause too much unnecessary damage to the environment then we should change it to be less damaging. Also some people believe that we should deport all of the illegal immigrants that are already in the country. If we did this it would destroy our country. We should let the ones already in the country stay, but keep anyone from entering illegally. If anyone else wants to enter the country they will have to go through the process that our national government has set up. The only way that we solve the problem is by allowing the border patrol to do their job and spending the time and money to reform the process by which people from other countries can come and work in the United States of America. With out some kind of change in the process illegal immigration will always be a problem, because of the people that want to come and work because they can make a lot more money in our country.

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JY3 said...

The irony of a self-described "Jesusfreek," as the owner of this blog posts, insulting people for their compassion over the environment and fellow human beings aside, I think this article lacks any legitimate content. While blogs as a format don't necessarily garauntee an unbiased let along accurate content, for the purposes of this class one would think at lease a bit of effort would be exerted in favor of such. What's evident from the start is quite the opposite.

With sweeping generalizations and not a single reference to support any of them, the only thing one walks away from after reading this post is what the observers genuine feelings, and that is a general distaste illegal immigrants as well as those dirty “tree hugging left wing environmentalist whackos.” Where's that "Jesus-like" compassion for those who desire a better life, and desire to preserve our Earth as God has commanded his "Jesusfreek" followers?