Nov 2, 2007

The '08 Election

The 2008 Presidential Election

The 2008 presidential election will be one of the most important elections that our country has had in the past two decades. The outcome of this election will determine what happens in the War on Terror, and if we start down the road to becoming a socialist country like China.

The War on Terror is a controversial issue that has Americans split on continued involvement to stop further attacks from happening, or bringing the troops home. I think that most people agree that they would rather have bombings and shootings happening in another country than in America. What people do not understand is that if we bring our troops home from Iraq, the terrorists will be able to focus their attacks in America. Because of our troops in Iraq, the terrorists have to focus on eluding us instead of attacking us. I would like to pose a question to you. How many terrorist attacks have happened since 9/11, and how many plots have been discovered and stopped by our government? Only a few have happened in other countries, but none in the United States of America. A countless number of attempts have been discovered and stopped before they could be executed. I can not speak for you, but I would rather have the attacks stopped and keep the people who want to attack us at bay, than let them have the time to plan and commit their crimes of hate. All of the democrats have said and continue to say that if they win the election, they will bring our troops home and surrender to the terrorists. Some Republicans have the same viewpoint, but most of them will continue the job that President Bush started.

The democrats have, is a plan for “National Health Care,” which expects the government to pay for everyone’s medical bills. They advertise it as “free health care,” but it is not free. You and me will sill be paying for our own health care, with higher taxes and longer waits for medical procedures. They tell us “Look at Canada’s health care system. It is government run and they are doing just fine.” Well, let me tell you something. In Canada if you go to the doctor because your knee hurts, the doctor looks at it and says that you need a MRI. You ask when it can be done. His answer is six months from now. If you have the some problem and go to a doctor under our present system in America his answer to you will be “How does six O’clock tonight sound?” How can you honestly tell me that the Canadian health care system is better than the one we have in the United States. Do you remember the Tsunamis that hit Indonesia? The best doctors who went there to help were from the Unites States. Can you name a Republican who has proposed that we model our health care system the way that a socialist country would model it? I cannot.

Vote for the Republican candidate, because if we elect a democrat our country founded on the principle of freedom and the ability to choose success level will become another China. I admit that the idea of socialism is good, but it will never work because of the basic nature of humans, which is that people are greedy, corrupt, and just pure evil. The reason that our country was designed as a republic was so no one man could control the country. Our government was designed to make it possible for the average person to become a member of the government and listen to what the people desire. We are the most powerful and stable nation, because of the way our government is organized.

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